Thursday, April 17, 2014

Zapatero daughters


Note: Click here or on the image to see the famous picture big.

Of truth that even I can't understand why all the controversy and dispute which caused the photo where it appears the President of the United States Barack Obama, his wife Michelle Lavaughn Robinson, the President of España José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, his wife Sonsoles Espinosa Díaz and his two daughters, Alba and Laura. I have analyzed the picture repeatedly and not find anything that motivates a reaction chain like that these days there has been over the famous image featuring the daughters of Zapatero. Personally, I think a normal photograph featuring Alba and Laura girls wearing style dark or Gothic as many more teens in the world. However, this photograph sparked the creativity of hundreds of people on the Internet who immediately made use of Photoshop and with a little ingenuity, have managed to make some videos uploaded to YouTubeand assemblies such as those in this forum . Millions of people on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, have made history of a photograph which for me, is still very, but very normal.
You, what you think about this photo